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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Oh, And If You Like Metal...

Go to this guy's blog. It's pretty excellent, and he reviews and refers to a lot of good metal. I'm following him, and you should to.

When I Was Younger

When I was but a lad of 16, I had a lot of anger, and (like most teens) no real reason for it. Regardless, I read The Anarchist's Cookbook a lot, and learned many interesting and dangerous recipes and concepts. I lived in a small town, so I had no real targets for Anarchy, and it would have been easy to get caught, but I reveled in the thought of the crazy chaos I could cause. I can't find my old copy, but I highly recommend it if you've ever wanted to make nitroglycerin in a bathtub, or wondered how best to prepare napalm. As with anything of this nature, I am not even close to being held responsible for your actions, and I heartily recommend not using the information in the book for evil. But if you fuck up a toilet or something in an abandoned building, no harm no foul, I guess.

Bustin' Caps ITT

The AMT Automag II .22 Magnum. It's a classy gun, and I happen to somewhat own one. And I'm thin on content now, so I'll just type anything. I've run about 25 rounds through the gun, and I got it from my father a month ago, who put about 25 through it himself, so it's in pretty good condition. I'm really pleased with it, but it has a small issue with jamming. Some ammo jams in it, but .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire runs through beautifully.

... This isn't going anywhere, really. I'm just talking about something important to me. No moral, no recommendation, really. If you find one, grab it, it's a great gun. Fairly cheap, pretty effective.

Online Classes

Online classes begin today! Fortunately, I have a wife who loves history, and a friend who hates math. What this means is that I'll do his math homework in exchange for the completion of my psychology quizzes, and my wife will do my history quizzes because she has a fondness for the subject. So I just do double shifts on College Algebra, oh no. So wish me luck as I reduce fractions and solve equations that I did in Freshman year of high school.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Dungeons and Dragons

3.5 is the best thing to ever happen to DnD. Why? Because that's what I played. Every DnD player has a hatred for at least one version of DnD, usually the one that came out after the one they play. No one likes to learn new rules. I'm lobbying for the retraction of DnD 4E, and the permanent stopping of all production of non-3.5 works. Get back to what I love, Wizards of the Coast.

PS: Magic the Gathering sucks ass now.

Steal This Post

Ever hear of 'Steal This Book'? Well, you can find it on the internet for free, ironically, and it's a damn good read. Keep that hippie spirit alive by reading this book. If nothing else, it's worth a chuckle.

Also, thanks to '

Starcraft II, or How Video Games Can Improve

I'm going to post some more interesting crap here so that you readers might feel like you aren't wasting your time. So here goes:

I play Starcraft II. Let me rephrase that: I have played Starcraft II. I love the game, but it's so hard to play it consistently. In this day and age, a video game needs a lot to keep the player hooked. Portraits do a bang-up job... until about 100 wins. After that, it's hard to stay hooked through the next 150 wins. But then there are achievements, which make you feel pretty great... until you realize they're all pretty basic; nothing is rewarded that is impressive, really. I love the hell out of Modern Warfare 2's Title and Emblem system. Doing cool things is rewarded with shiny icons and titles to make you feel like a special snowflake, even though millions of others have them. That has spoiled me. Keeping me hooked until 2500 kills on one weapon is rare, but when I know I'll get a Title that shows my passion for the weapon is all I need. Starcraft II would be very difficult to apply this to. Getting kills using a certain unit is somewhat silly to reward, but that's not to say I wouldn't do it for a trophy of some sort. Any other thing worth tracking is just silly. Buildings destroyed? Piff. That's not worth my time, it's a side effect. I have no qualms with the game; I love it. I'm just saying that they have a harder time keeping gamers hooked. And frankly, I'll be playing a lot more Modern Warfare 2 because of it. After all, only 30 more headshots and my P90 is camouflaged. Speaking of, I'm out of here. I have to answer the Call of Duty.

Dreamweaver: Easy money, or easiest money?

So I'm working with Dreamweaver, you guys. It's a pretty easy program, and website development is quite lucrative. I'd highly recommend getting the demo and fooling around with it. Protip: buy templates. They're about $15 for fancy ones, and you can use them as many times as you want. And a good site can easily make $1000+. So pick up that demo, because what I'm telling you is valid. Five days of work for that much green... Someone do the math on that for me.

In it for da paper.

Makin' that bank is important.