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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

When I Was Younger

When I was but a lad of 16, I had a lot of anger, and (like most teens) no real reason for it. Regardless, I read The Anarchist's Cookbook a lot, and learned many interesting and dangerous recipes and concepts. I lived in a small town, so I had no real targets for Anarchy, and it would have been easy to get caught, but I reveled in the thought of the crazy chaos I could cause. I can't find my old copy, but I highly recommend it if you've ever wanted to make nitroglycerin in a bathtub, or wondered how best to prepare napalm. As with anything of this nature, I am not even close to being held responsible for your actions, and I heartily recommend not using the information in the book for evil. But if you fuck up a toilet or something in an abandoned building, no harm no foul, I guess.

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