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Monday, August 30, 2010

Dungeons and Dragons

3.5 is the best thing to ever happen to DnD. Why? Because that's what I played. Every DnD player has a hatred for at least one version of DnD, usually the one that came out after the one they play. No one likes to learn new rules. I'm lobbying for the retraction of DnD 4E, and the permanent stopping of all production of non-3.5 works. Get back to what I love, Wizards of the Coast.

PS: Magic the Gathering sucks ass now.


  1. never played d&d is it like wow?

  2. I played dnd once, was badass. Shaman's ghost bear pwns.

  3. Wonderful post bro...

    Just stopping by to show you some support ;)

  4. DnD is like WoW in the same way that World War II is like Call of Duty. WoW is an evolution of DnD into a video game, basically.

  5. More like dungeons and douchebags! lol jk Fun game when you're baked off your ass.