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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Medal of Honor Beta, continued...

I've been playing the MoH beta recently, and the gameplay is kinda solid. And that irks me, because a few things could be done to make it better. For one, bring over the 'Point Spawn' system from BC2. That was useful, because choosing 'Front Line' as a spawn point is vague. And stupid. Expect to die a lot spawning on the front line. Second, make the text NOT have lens flare. I can't read a goddamned thing unless I stare up into the sky at the right angle. Third, make the radar bigger, and make it so I can actually tell what's going on. And finally, give me some more weapons and classes! I know, I know, it's just a beta. But I play a beta to see whether or not I'll be buying the game (in addition to bug-finding and such). The game I played is worth $20, tops. And even then I'd wait for it to go on sale. And though they tout the single player as the most realistic, and they consulted all the experts, at the end of the day, multiplayer is where the staying power is. And as it stands, BC2 and MW2 are miles ahead. Which brings me to my final point about MoH: use the goddamn Title and Emblem system from MW2! For fuck's sake, everyone should be doing this. The customization of CoD games recently has been incredible. And I want to be rewarded for my headshots/killstreaks/cool things I do. And I want to show off those rewards. That's why I played MW2 for about 9 straight days worth of gameplay. It certainly wasn't because I liked getting knifed by 12 year olds...

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