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Sunday, October 3, 2010


Seriously, you guys. Seriously. This game is incredible, it's made by one dude, and it's 13 stupid dollars.

Let me break this down for you. This crazy 8-bit world is inhabited by zombies, skeletons, giant spiders, and you. Oh, and farm animals. Oh, and any of your friends who want to play online with you. Personal and public servers means that you can play with your buds, or just make some online friends. Or troll the shit out of people. The emphasis of this game is on emergent gameplay. You start with nothing, but soon, you have a little dirt hut to keep the monsters out. Then, when the cleansing fire of the sun kills off the enemy, you exit and begin to explore, and build, and mine. See, the best part of Minecraft isn't even on the surface. Seems obvious, but the meat of this game lies under the crust. Once you dig down a bit, you find caves. VAST caves. Caves that you can get lost in. That you will get lost in. Mining is everything in this game. Day one sees you in a hole in the ground, listening to the moans of zombies and the clacking of skeletons, and wondering if all you've done is dug yourself a tomb. Day two sees new knowledge, and the crafting of new and exciting tools. Day three breaks over your mighty new castle, as you stand atop it, staring defiantly into the horizon over a moat of lava.And day one hundred marks the beginning of your unemployment, or failed classes, or the dead of your friendships. This game is fucking addictive like you dream of. And once you play this, you'll understand why it's the best 13 dollars you ever spent. Until your electricity bill goes unpaid. Again.

Go on. Buy it.


  1. i've been avoiding this up til now, but the things i see are so awesome!

  2. WHY IS EVERYONE SO INTO MINECRAFT??!!. DAmn i have to check it out now. stupid peer presure.

  3. I'm looking forward to your next post!

  4. I've been hearing so much references to this game. I'll really have to check it out.