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Monday, October 4, 2010

Something Important, For A Change

Some of you may have noticed that I put up a new banner (but I doubt it). The video game voters network isn't an ad for money. It isn't some scam to make me a quick buck every time you guys look at my page. This is a serious thing that I care about. The Video Game Voters Network is a campaign for video game equality. Video games are the progression of media, taking the place of books and movies. If you don't believe me (and you're over 12 years old), think back to how many books you used to read before you got that SNES or Nintendo 64 or Playstation. Now think about how many books you've read in the past two years.


Now, video games are receiving the same treatment books and movies got in the past, insomuch as they are 'to blame' for the world's violence, and 'the cause' of all evil in this world. But we know better. The VGVN is working to change that view, and make video games universally accepted forms of entertainment (Amish community nonwithstanding), and they need our support. If ever you threw a fist gloriously into the air at the end of a level; if ever you screamed at the gods themselves after dying for the four hundredth time; if ever you wept openly when Aeris died, let you now make your voice heard!

PS: Spoiler alert, if anyone still exists that doesn't know what happened in Final Fantasy 7.

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  1. Everyone needs a scapegoat. It just sucks for us and the video companies that get the shaft of the politicians.