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Friday, October 1, 2010

New Keyboard

My Logitech G15 is reaching the end of its days, as I may have mentioned. To go into further detail, the right shift key is sticky beyond the point of repair, the screen is cracked, and my spacebar key is being difficult. I can't find the same keyboard for under $100 (they have similar ones, but the screen doesn't flip up...), so I'm looking around for another. Mayhaps the G110 ( There are a lot of good features on this board, and I love the blue backlight option for matching my case fan LEDs (I am so vain.). Hit me with some suggestions or opinions, because this purchase needs to happen soon.


  1. Logitech keyboards are prob the most reliable out there, not to knock on the microsoft ones

  2. i have the g110 great key bored for for itman